Why Invest?

Your employees are an asset. They’re the driving force behind most organisations

Overlooking workplace health can result in your organisation incurring unnecessary costs, but improving employee health and wellbeing is a straightforward way of reducing risk and boosting productivity.

The best approach starts with an acknowledgement that protecting the health and wellbeing of your employees is both essential and rewarding. Ultimately, being recognised as a caring employer brings bottom line rewards.

5 top motivators for employers:

  • Reduce risk
    Preventing workplace injury and ill health decreases the risk of claims, legal action or possible prosecution. Accidents and illness can happen anywhere – not just in hazardous environments. Risks caused by stress, inadequate display screens or bad posture are relevant to any workplace – and they can all cost your organisation money.
  • Save money
    Improve your bottom line by reducing your sickness absence costs or implement screening to underpin your recruitment and retention strategies.
  • Boost productivity
    The links between health and performance are key. Healthy and nurtured workforces remain engaged and dynamic. Wellness programmes are a win for growth and efficiency in your business.
  • Statutory obligation
    As an employer, there are many legal requirements you need to meet. Compliance is essential in many fields of work – not just in heavy industries.
  • Lead from the front
    Build your reputation and appeal amongst customers with a publicised health at work culture. Reveal success and instil confidence in your organisation as one that invests in its workforce as a central part its strategy.