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Recent Home Office figures (1) show that around 1 in 12 people took an illegal drug during the year 2014/15, and when we look at a younger demographic of 16-24 year olds, the figure increases to an alarming 1 in 5.
The UK also has a podium position in instances of employees turning up to work hungover (2).

These figures cannot be ignored, and we have become experts in guiding organisations in the implementation and execution of onsite screening of their employees in 'Pre-employment', 'Random' and 'For-cause' situations.

We work with you to deter drug and alcohol use and impairment from entering the workplace, as accidents are far more likely to occur with individuals who are under the influence of these substances. Accidents often include more than one person, and having a policy and screening in place is best practice in reducing the risk of incidents and near-misses, as well as protecting your employees, your reputation and improving how you are perceived.

Drug Screening
- Oral Fluid Test Kits - Detecting impairment and recent drug use
- Urine Test Kits - Detecting historic and habitual drug use
- Onsite Raw Drug Test Kits - Identifying suspect powders, liquids, plant materials, and surface contamination

Alcohol Testing
- Breathalysers, including printer option
- One use breath tubes and saliva tests

- Drug and Alcohol Policy Support
- Onsite Training Seminars
- Onsite Urine Collections and Screening
- Laboratory Confirmation for 'non-negative' Oral Fluid and Urine samples

We are a British, award winning family business providing quality rapid diagnostic products to customers across the globe.

We believe that early, accurate diagnosis is better than waiting for problems to arise, and a pro-active approach greatly benefits people’s health, identifies issues early in their development, prevents accidents from happening and has a positive affect on performance, productivity and reputation.  

For over 20 years we’ve been supplying the best quality rapid diagnostics, and we are committed to innovating each step of the process.

Our approach often questions the established way of thinking, providing a foundation of knowledge to support diagnostic products you can rely on.

1. Drug Misuse: Findings from the 2014/15 Crime Survey for England and Wales
2. Global Drug Survey 2015

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What our Clients say: 

Professional and Reliable
June O'Hagen

SureScreen are a very professional and reliable company to work with. To date, the service we have been provided with has been excellent, and they never fail to meet our requirements.

In the last four years of working with SureScreen, there have been very few issues, and the one or two we may have had have been dealt with quickly and efficiently, with internal processes being changed and internal meetings taking place to ensure there isn't a re-occurrence. 


Volker Wessels UK
Synergistic Working
Steve Quinlan

SureScreen have been working with myself and my colleagues at G4S Utility Services to ensure we have a suitable and sufficient drug and alcohol testing regime in place, which fits the needs of our business and it's clients.

Surescreen provided an excellent up-front service to a business that was looking to provide a service within certain costs. They gave G4S Utility Services an excellent presentation of the tests available to us, and passed on the knowledge of their products to allow us to select an appropriate product.


G4S Utility and Outsourcing Services (UK) Ltd
First Class Customer Service
Nicola Garforth

SureScreen provide next day delivery and have maintained first class customer service.

On one occassion, the tests ordered were unfortunately out of stock at SureScreen. This was an urgent order to which SureScreen replaced the product with an upgarded alternative whilst holding the price of our usual test. 


Meridian Business Support


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