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We are experts in workplace health, wellbeing cultures and performance. We apply our in-depth knowledge and insight to develop rewarding corporate wellness strategies in your organisation. 

For years, Firecracker have been improving the motivation of employees within a huge range of companies. Whether it’s business coaching, nutrition training or a combination of both, we make it our mission to improve the health, happiness and performance of companies all across the UK.

Our “live it, breathe it” philosophy is infectious and energising; the Firecracker programme has been developed over nine years into a phenomenal product for businesses of all sizes. Adopting the programme creates a workplace which is alight with creativity, energy and productivity generating year on year return on investment. 


Better nutrition could help your workers to improve their:

*Sleep*  – A good night’s sleep not only helps us to feel healthier but look healthier too

*Concentration* – Avoid those annoying dips in concentration that usually lurk mid-afternoon

*Alertness* – Looking out for personal welfare both while at work and also during a commute

*Happiness* – When we feel good on the inside we can’t help but become a happier person

*Performance*  – Healthier staff means a healthier office environment and fewer sick days


Business coaching will help your workers to improve their:

*Confidence* – Feeling calmer and more relaxed naturally grows higher confidence

*Productivity*– Better time management skills means work is completed faster

*Communication* – Learn how to channel this new positive energy as a team

*Environment* – So many factors affect productivity… fresh air, light and space

*Performance* – Each of these benefits leads to an overall better performance at work

Through a combination of nutrition programmes and business coaching, Firecracker have helped over 100 businesses across the UK to improve staff performance in the workplace, and give employees the fire they need to feel great at work.

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