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‘Apollo.Direct has been designed by Clinicians for Clinicians, having been built in conjunction with a leading Occupational Health Provider. This makes it a time saving, cost effective, easy to use system with features allowing you to deal with increased cases.

‘Apollo.Direct’ is a cloud based, paper-less software, hosted by one of the largest server platforms in the world. This means that we can have 100% uploads and maximum secure features. We pride ourselves on having a very secure system. All data is stored in the EU and meets ICS 27001 and HIPAA guidelines. We have a have 2 step authentication, 256-bit SSL Encryption and strong password hashing. ‘Apollo.Direct’ has been thoroughly ‘penetration tested’ with every Occupational Health Provider having their own domain server, preventing any cross-contamination of data and ensuring data is only accessed by you.

The system has two separate sides, being the ‘Clinician Dashboard’ and the ‘Client Dashboard’. The Client (Managers or HR), can refer Employees to the Clinician with ease. The Clinician can then view the referral, create consultations note, clinical notes or activity log for that case. They can create the report, quality check it and then release it back to the ‘Client Dashboard’ with no paper involved, making this an environmentally sound product.

‘Apollo.Direct’ is a modular system, enabling expansion without impacting the function of the core product. Modules will be made available during updates. If you do not need a particular module, you can simply switch it off, with the ability to re-activate at any time.

Our special features include:

Integrated Messaging System - gives you smooth two-way communication between clinician and clients without the need for a separate email address and is covered by the same secure features the rest of your Apollo.Direct software. It also has a status alert, so you can see when your message has been read.   
Diary System - Allows clinicians to manage their appointments and with a day, week, month and year you can effectively manage your time. The diary allows clinician to add their colleagues to events which will them appear in the diary of everyone added. The administrator can see all the clinicians’ diary entries allowing for ease for manpower resourcing

Activity log and Reminders – Keeping you abreast of your daily requirements

Online Referrals - time effective and paper-less referrals, with templated reports. The refer can select the question they would like to be answered and this auto populates the reports. In future updates you will be able to add your own questions.  

Reporting Templates - with auto-populating fields allows time effective reporting. Whilst you write your report you will be open the clinical notes alongside it so you can copy and paste essential facts or quotes saving you even more time. 

File Manager - enabling you to upload/view as many documents as you require in any format.

Health Surveillance - with integration of data from leading equipment suppliers.

Auto-saving of data entry every 15 seconds, on both Clinician and Client sides, so you never lose your work

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