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Active Working CIC is leading the global insight and evidence based research on sedentary behaviour. We commissioned the first global expert recommendations on standing time for office workers (with the support of Public Health England), published by the British Journal for Sports Medicine in June 2015. We spearhead international  Get Standing™ campaigns in , Australia, USA, Canada, Ireland and Europe. Get Britain Standing: a campaign to grow awareness and education of the dangers of sedentary working and in particular prolonged sitting time. The average UK office worker sits 10 hours each day, with almost 70% of sitting taking place at work. There is growing scientific evidence highlighting the multiple health risks (including cardiovascular disease, diabetes (type 2), certain cancers, musculoskeletal and mental health) caused by excessive and prolonged sitting.


Active Working™ increases employee wellness and performance through break-up and reduction of workplace sedentary behaviour. Our fully integrated Active Working Wheelapproach allows companies to source the optimal mix of solutions with the essential training to maximise the benefits and increase the return on investment.

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