BHWA Prevention is Key to good healthcare

Prevention is Key to Good Healthcare

Supporting employees who are off sick is good, but preventing them falling ill in the first place is what will make the difference in the long run if employers are serious about reducing the cost and burden of workplace ill-health and absence, research has suggested.

Investing in services that can proactively work to prevent employees falling ill and being absent will be one of the key ways employers tackle the UK’s workplace health challenges over the next five years, a survey has forecast.

The poll by insurer and healthcare provider AXA PPP healthcare has argued that nearly half (46%) of employers agreed improving ease of access would improve the health of the UK workforce in the next five years, with the same percentage agreeing that increased availability of services could be equally beneficial.

The online survey of 1,000 managers and decision-makers concluded 40% felt increasing the availability of reactive health services for employees would also help to improve workplace in the next five years.

The poll also gauged the workplace health challenges that were most worrying the senior executives. More than half (51%) cited mental health, 44% said obesity and 30% pointed to high blood pressure.

A strong majority, 75%, agreed employers should proactive support employees to manage their health and wellbeing, and 77% said their company already had a health and wellbeing strategy in place.

Other key challenges identified by the poll included a lack of employee engagement (highlighted by 40% of respondents), an inability to evaluate the impact of the strategy (32%), inadequate budget (26%) and lack of resource to deliver the health and wellbeing strategy (21%). A further 68% said what employers needed from a healthcare services provider was a proven holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

Charlotte Cross, director of the BHWA, strongly agreed: “The evidence for employers working with healthcare providers to take a more proactive, preventative approach to workplace health is compelling.

“Last autumn, for example, a report by the Centre for Economics and Business Research and Unum calculated that stepping in early to provide early intervention support and vocational rehabilitation could reduce the average length of absence by 17%, and by 18% for those with mental health conditions.

“But what is also clear is employers and managers, however well-intentioned, are often busy with the ‘day job’ and need support and guidance as to the best approach to take and the most appropriate provider. That’s where an organisation such as the BHWA can help, in being a one-stop-shop resource and marketplace for providers and employers alike.”

Chris Horlick, distribution director for AXA PPP healthcare, added: “It’s encouraging to see so many businesses acknowledging they have a degree of responsibility for employee health and wellbeing at work and, as a result, implementing strategies to support this.

“However, businesses, and arguably the workplace health services industry as a whole, can struggle to define what holistic health and wellbeing strategies should look like. This can mean that in practice they fail to include measurable objectives, thereby preventing meaningful evaluation of their impact.”

To learn more about starting points for workplace health, read our article on Putting together the right components of a forward thinking work-health strategy


Author: Nic Paton, BHWA blogger and news team. Please send your feedback to

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Game Changer

The Alliance has huge potential to simplify Occupational Health for employers and providers alike. Therapy Direct Healthcare now has a greater opportunity to help with physiotherapy and MSK services throughout the OH Arena.  We think the BHWA can be a game changer in our industry.

Ross Tomkins, Clinical Director, Therapy Direct Healthcare
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This has got to be good news

We’re really pleased to be part of this important new initiative. The health of workforce has never been more important than now and so an initiative which helps make health and wellbeing services more accessible has got to be good news. We look forward to working with BHWA and promoting these important services to employers.

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As the CEO of Medigold Health, I am delighted we are Founding Members of BHWA. I believe a forward-thinking initiative like this is long overdue in the health and wellbeing at work sector, which is sometimes guilty of being too inert.

As pioneers in occupational health, we are excited to be part of an alliance which is at the forefront of championing and developing our industry via the specialists, organisations and individuals that work within it.

I am personally a firm believer in collaboration being the key to success ultimately, people learn from people.  This principle underpins many of the features of BHWA’s offering and this shared ethos is what first attracted us to contributing.

Alex Goldsmith, CEO, Medigold Health
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Perfect Vehicle to Help

We're excited to work with BHWA as we believe that more can be done by employers to engage with their staff and promote wellness at work. 

BHWA is the perfect vehicle to help and encourage employers to introduce health and fitness initiatives to help reduce absence and ultimately increase productivity

Paul Healey, Managing Director
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Worth making time for

This initiative is worth making time for. It will encompass a superb blend of specialists, underpinning every essential to modern and progressive workplace health. As working environments now demand so much more from us all, it’s excellent to have effective solutions made readily available, providing Employers with access to so many ideas to help them thrive and stay competitive.

We’re happy to share our expertise and proud to be Founders. I’m looking forward to being part of an enjoyable community and building many strong and lasting working partnerships.

Mark Braithwaite, Managing director, Gipping Occupational Health
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Proud to be a founding member!

We must always work hard to understand the changes our clients are going through and the challenges they face. BHWA will link employers with providers to support that journey. We’re proud to be a founding member of the Alliance, which will bring together the many different disciplines involved in OH and wellbeing, promote OH to both small and large employers and help us bring more innovation to the field.

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Enhancing awareness of workplace health

The BHWA is a great initiative. We look forward to working with fellow experts and organisations to enhance the awareness of workplace ergonomics and its ability to significantly improve the performance and health of businesses and their staff

Clyde Crawford, Director, Ergability
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Essential practical resources that support customers and experts alike

We're proud to support the BHWA's mission to provide essential practical resources that support customers and experts alike. By pioneering this venture, which is the broadest if its kind to date, the resulting sharing of information and opportunities to network will open up a new world of communication which is vehemently needed - in a space which we might not otherwise have.

Maygen Carruthers, Medgate UK – Founder member
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Exciting Initiative

As soon as we knew of this exciting initiative, we wanted to get involved.  There is a growing understanding that cognitive health determines what work we can do and for how long. Sharing our expertise and knowledge through the BHWA platform is a great way to help everyone make informed decisions.

John Picken, MD Cantab Corporate Health – Founder Member
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A ‘Must’ in today’s fast pace working environment

Caer Health are delighted to be a founding member of the BHWA, bringing workplace health specialists together to support those that need it is a must in today’s fast pace working environment.

Expert collaboration is only going to improve quality and service delivery, so having all this knowledge in one place just makes access to advice simple.

Neil Hill, MD, Caer Health Services